Hamza was born in January 1982. He wasn't born into a Muslim family but chose to follow Islam when he was 21 years old. He grew up in Oldham, UK.

He thought school was alright but couldn't wait to move on and get more involved in music. The lessons he enjoyed most were Music and Drama. After that he went on to college and did a performing arts popular music course for two years which was really enjoyable and met some good friends there with whom he shared common interests.

Hamza's background was not a musical one when growing up. His grandmother used to play the piano and he remembers his grandfather playing the harmonica. His mother used to play the violin but she gave it up when she was very young. When he grew up, Hamza always wanted to be a performer as he really enjoyed acting when he was younger. As he got older, he got more into listening to and writing his own music. His musical influences are Pink Floyd, Paul Weller, Thin Lizzy, Magnum, Peter Gabriel, Iron maiden, Sami Yusuf, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam).

Hamza is still based in his home town of Chadderton in Oldham, UK. He is currently working on a new album which will have all instruments including piano and guitar. He says it's going very well and the writing is almost finished. He's really looking forward to recording and producing it in the studio. Before converting to Islam, his influences were very similar to what they are now. Although he now realises just how important it is to spread a good message as he can see the effect it has on peoples lives coming from the music scene which he is involved in. In his music he likes to send out a message of peace and harmony and of a balancedway of living which is achievable for us all.

He considers his best achievement to date to be his performance at Wembley. Saying that to be able to play a grand piano on a big stage like that was a really big thing for him and he worked very hard to get to that point.

In his spare time he likes to spend it with his wife, family and friends. He also loves to lock himself in the studio and rock out! He likes to go to local Muslim gatherings and talks, and think gaining knowledge is a thing that we should all endeavour to do. I like walking in the countryside as this inspires me to write.

His plans for 2008 are to release a second album and to perform it internationally. He would like to reach those who have not been fortunate enough to know about the teachings of Islam and to inspire truth in their hearts. He believes there are many beautiful people out there with good hearts and if they were shown the truth they would embrace Islam just like him.

He is currently married and expecting a baby boy in February. Hamza's message to his fans is: "Keep your faith and this life is meant to be difficult as it is a test so don't give up hope and stay strong."


Hamza's first album 'Something About Life' is now available.

Find out more about Hamza Robertson at www.hamzarobertson.com